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Are Google HOAs Killing Webinars?

The reign of the webinar for video conferencing is over and at costs averaging $200 – 600 per month, small users are breathing a sigh of relief. There have been several


21st Century Marketing Tools

Why are so many small businesses and independent marketers using systems and practices of the last century? 21st Century Digital Marketing Tools from teresa farrell on Vimeo.

What Is Your Why In Network Marketing?

Identify Your “Why” in Network Marketing

You hear it over and over in the world of network marketing, you need a strong “why” to sustain you while you are building your business.  And often the “why” is about eliminating bills and


I found the Pony!

My biggest frustration with internet marketing is the enormous amount of hype around it!

Like all things, I believe if the pile of sh*t is large enough, there is probably a pony somewhere…so I started a long search this time last year for the “pony”in internet marketing.


Article Marketing – The Basics

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Basics for article marketing

Article writing and strategic posting throughout the internet is a great way to invest personal time and effort today and benefit from it for years in the future. Consistency in posting well written articles which are targeted to niche markets and linked to a central location is a well-tested program of establishing traffic without expensive ads and PPC investments.


Key Strategies to take your Network Business on-line

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So you are a network marketer and have responsibility for a team or you are starting to build one and looking for ways to expand past your geography and leverage the internet to help with building your network business.  There are many opportunities in network marketing to help you reach your goals. You can work from home and enjoy a steady cash stream while setting your own hours and doing what you love most to earn an income.


Cold Calling is still dead!

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All of us were a newbie at some time to the network marketing community, right? I was and I still remember the direction I was given to develop a prospect list. Hang around malls or gas stations or cold call local and yellow page ads. I trusted my leadership and


Why Use A Funded Proposal?

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A funded proposal is simply a method to develop prospect confidence and trust by offering real value at a low risk cost early in the relationship. Let me restate with an example.